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Our goal: to be market-oriented, occupy the commanding heights of development
We continue to expand the scale of customers, continuously expand areas of expertise, as a whole, the function of enterprises, is based on the national market.

Our aim is: quality of casting brand, responsibility of excellence!
The casting quality of the brand, the company and the user common development and achieve win-win situation, which is always the purpose of the European star.

Our strategy: for businesses, do strong
Focus on science and technology depth, professional practice experience,
Do, be strong.

Our values: identity, participation and sharing
The core competitiveness determines the survival space
The core value of Ouxing-tech is identity, participation and sharing
Promoting the creation of value, cultivate a sense of mission and responsibility, sense of honor and sense of achievement
To have the ability to play and continuously improve their employees as talent
The practice of learning advocated in the new way of thinking, to adapt to the changing environment
To create a comprehensive enterprise overall execution

Our spirit: integrity, diligent and rigorous cooperative innovation
Honesty: to product first, to the letter name
Industry: do not avoid the hardship, perseverance
Rigorous: Pay attention to the details of the pursuit of perfection
Cooperation: team work, sharing and win-win
Innovation: continuous improvement, constantly surpass

Our philosophy: integrity-based, innovation
This is a gentleman, this word and. Technology is a self subversion of the industry, there is no rule can be constrained to science and technology. Only innovation can we transcend.
To provide qualified products and satisfactory service and create value for customers; adhere to the people-oriented management philosophy, to enable employees to achieve their goals in life.