Don't panic when you encounter seven kinds of "false faults" commonly seen in cars!

    Sometimes there may be some "faults" in your car. The safety belt can't pull, the windows can't go up and down at different speeds, but the car doesn't move in different directions. These small problems often trouble you. It costs a lot of money to go to the repair shop to check, but you can't find out the problem

    "False fault" that may be deceived

    The seat belt won't pull

    Many car owners have had the experience of not pulling the seat belt. The more anxious they are, the more unable they are to pull. They think that there is something wrong with the seat belt. Seat belts can prevent you from hitting the windshield or dashboard when the car stops suddenly. So if you can't pull the safety belt, you should pull it with moderate force and uniform speed.

    The seat belt can't be retracted and released freely

    Some netizens responded that the safety belt can not be recycled independently, and even need to return it by hand. After using the seat belt for a period of time, it will appear that the seat belt can not be retracted in time if it is loosened. Generally, it is caused by the seat belt pollution. It is recommended that the car owner wipe the seat belt regularly to keep it clean.

    Auto Park function is on and off

    Now many models are equipped with auto hold function, but some friends reflect that this function is sometimes good or bad. The conditions to start the automatic parking function are to close the door and fasten the safety belt. When you find that the automatic parking function of your car is "out of order", you need to check whether the safety belt is fastened and whether the door is closed.

    There is a squeak when stepping on the clutch

    When some vehicles step on the clutch pedal, they will always make a similar "squeak" sound. Many car owners will think that the clutch is faulty.

    This phenomenon is caused by the slight wear of the clutch pedal support shaft due to long-term use, which can be alleviated by applying some lubricant on the support shaft.

    There is a "Gaga" sound in the emergency brake, which is also reflected by netizens. Sometimes there is a "Gaga" sound in the emergency brake.

    "Quack" sound is the sound of ABS pump in the process of decompression, and also accompanied by the feeling of brake pedal spring foot. This is to ensure that the wheels have braking force and will not lock.

    The speed of windows is different. Some car owners find that the speed of windows is different when they close or open. This is due to some dust entering the glass lifting track, which increases the friction resistance between the glass and the groove, and then produces this kind of "false fault". It is necessary to clean the glass lifting track in time.

    Steering wheel locked

    After parking, the steering wheel is locked and the key cannot be turned. This is actually a kind of anti-theft function of the vehicle. In this case, it can be easily solved by turning the steering wheel left and right while turning the key gently.