The car has not been used for a long time. We must do these things! Otherwise, scrap is small and sa

    With the rapid development of economy, most people have already rushed to a well-off society. For the consumer goods like cars, they have the ability to buy. And after having a car, it does provide us with a lot of convenience in life. However, some people may park their cars for a long time for various reasons after they buy them. Some netizens will say, is this not a way to protect the car? In fact, the long-term parking of the car will not only play a protective role, but also will have a certain impact on the car. In serious cases, it will even threaten our driving safety. So what should we pay attention to when the car is not used for a long time?

    First of all, we should pay attention to the brake system of the car.

    Generally speaking, we pull up the handbrake after parking to prevent the car from slipping. After pulling up the handbrake, the brake system is in a tight state at this time. If the car can not be parked for a long time, it will cause the brake pad and brake disc to stick together. In this case, the car will lock the brake, and the brake gnaws the head and cannot return to position. So in order to avoid this kind of problem, we should drive our own car to "disperse our heart" when we are OK.

    Second, it's about the engine.

    Because the engine oil will deteriorate if it is not used for a long time, it will not be able to play its own lubrication function after the deterioration. Therefore, the engine wear will increase. Therefore, even if the car is not used frequently, it is necessary to change the oil regularly. It is recommended to change it once a half year or so.

    And there are tires for cars.

    Long time parking will reduce the life of the tire. Some friends may ask, after the car is parked for a long time, the tires will not wear. Why will it affect its life? We should know that the weight of the car is all tons. Although the tire is not moving, it will be supported for a long time, which will cause uneven force, resulting in tire deformation and aging in advance. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of our driving, we must monitor the tire pressure at fixed point and enough tire pressure before parking.

    Finally, there is the battery problem about the car.

    Because of the long-term parking, the battery on the car will be easy to lose power. I believe that many owners have encountered the situation that the car can not be hit by fire. Because the power loss is unable to start seriously, it is necessary to connect with the battery of other vehicles or send it to the repair factory. After charging the battery, it will be used in the car, which will take time and effort, so we should charge the battery every three months.

    OK, for the attention of the car that is not used for a long time, I believe you have already understood. For our safety, you must not be bothered!